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Whether you’re selling jewelry, coins, diamonds, or that 100oz bar of silver you can rest assured you’re always receiving the most from PGE! As the Southeast’s only Gold Exchange and refinery with NO “middle man” we can and do more!   We understand and pay different for fine signed jewelry over scrap gold and silver.  Never accept scrap prices for signed and fine jewelry, Time Pieces and Diamonds. They are worth much more!

Gold, Silver, Platinum, Rings, Earrings, Gold or Silver Bars, Bracelets, Money Clips, Class Rings, Gold or Silver Coins, Cufflinks, Estate Jewelry, Rare Coins, Sterling Silver Flatware, Necklaces, Dental Gold, Gold Nuggets, Sterling Silver Tea Sets, Charms, Gold Watches, Sterling Silver Candle Holders, And much more…

The price we pay for gold and diamonds changes daily but the percentage price we pay always remain the same, so our prices will always be above those of our competitors.

To give you the very best price today Piedmont Gold Exchange considers the total combined weight of all of your items in calculating your payment.

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Get the highest offer for your gold, diamonds, silver, watches, coins or jewelry.

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